So, here’s the thing: things that interest me spans an extremely wide spectrum. I find it difficult to identify a subset of subject categories that I would like to devout my attention to. The problem with this is that my mental capacity is just so limited. I very rarely remember any details of anything I so meticulously studied a year ago, or even just a couple of months ago.

This is what this website is for. It is my personal space where I share information that I either required, or discovered in both my professional career as well as hobby projects. I share it here for easy reference, in as simple terms as possible. When I was looking for this information I probably scratched my head with the information that was available at the time, or I just discovered something that I felt worth sharing.

I hope you find the information shared here useful.

About the banner picture:
This is the ENIAC computer, one of the first electronic general purpose computers.